Rental of anonymous holiday homes… no!

This is my very personal story, why I would allow you to spend your well-earned holiday in the heart of the Middlemosel.

At the Mittelmosel I was born and grew up in a typical Moselle family.

We, my parents and six siblings, have farmed our vineyards. We kept cows, pigs and chickens for self-sufficiency, and planted grain, turnips and potatoes. In addition, we had a large garden.
All this could work only by the whole family working together and holding together.
That has shaped me very much.

But as it is, everyone goes his own way.
My way led me into the Eifel. Profession, my family, my three sons kept me busy for several years. I never lost contact with the Moselle.
Here at the Moselle I have always been able to find a bit of peace in stressful times. The view of the steep vineyards, the Moselle, the nature, the people, the wine ….
… this is already a special spot …

I would also like to come here with my family and friends more often, unfortunately this did not always with the accommodation. Thus the desire for a house in which people could find holiday, recreation, rest and relaxation grew.

Be open to what life offers – so I met the first house.

With lots of joy and work of the whole family we have the house elaborately renovated and furnished. My picture during this time was to create a place where people meet, meet and feel good. From my desire has become a destination and I could find two more places for guests.

The most beautiful set of a group of guests was: “Coming to you is like coming home a bit.”

I look forward to meeting you!
Christiana Comes-Limbach

Christiana Comes-Limbach

About the Author

Christiana Comes-Limbach

Als kaufmännische Leiterin des Metallbauers Limbach Maschinen mit Sitz in Mayen bleibt der dreifachen Mutter nur wenig Zeit für sich. Die findet die gebürtige Moselanerin in ihrer Heimat. Mit ihren ganz persönlichen Ferienhäusern bietet Sie Menschen Erholung, Ruhe und Entspannung an der Mittelmosel.

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