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The Moselle springs in the Vosges, flows through France and Luxembourg until it flows into the Rhine at the German corner in Koblenz.
It is subdivided into upper, middle and lower moss, each with a very individual character in the individual sections. Geographically, the medians are defined from Schweich to Zell. Ürzig and Zeltingen are therefore located in the heart of the Middlemosel.

The river between Bernkastel-Kues and Traben-Trarbach forms a fist glove. Impressed by the many meanders, the Moselle has found here a particularly charming route through the Rhenish Slate Mountains. The flora and fauna offer the observers many highlights. The rocks are popular breeding grounds for owls, red kites and peregrine falcons, one finds the rare Apollo age and along the cycling and hiking trails (Erdener Klettersteig and the Moselle-Maare-Radwanderweg) form wild orchids stimulating color.

The truly special feature of the Middlemosel is, however, surely the character of the rocks and steep slopes. Sometimes rugged, sometimes softer, these can have up to 65% gradient. On this hillside, grapes of particular quality are growing, and the ancient Romans, who founded the vineyards on the Moselle, knew this. This is why the Moselle is considered the oldest wine-growing region in Germany. Relics from this time you will find along the Moselle, for example, an old Roman wine press, which was discovered in the framework of the land reparcelling.

For centuries the Rieslingtraube was the trademark of the Mosel, but in recent years the spectrum has expanded considerably. Due to climate change, a large variety of white and red grape varieties are cultivated today.

With heart and passion the winegrowers face the challenge and not only in the vintage. Almost exclusively in manual work here still some winemakers produce their wines themselves and so each wine has its individual touch. The Moselle is an open-minded, friendly and sociable person.

Make your own picture of the Middlemosel, the landscape, the wine and the people.

Christiana Comes-Limbach

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Christiana Comes-Limbach

Als kaufmännische Leiterin des Metallbauers Limbach Maschinen mit Sitz in Mayen bleibt der dreifachen Mutter nur wenig Zeit für sich. Die findet die gebürtige Moselanerin in ihrer Heimat. Mit ihren ganz persönlichen Ferienhäusern bietet Sie Menschen Erholung, Ruhe und Entspannung an der Mittelmosel.

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